Barry Edge | Workshops


I run occasional landscape photography workshops and provide tailored tuition:

Course outline

It will come as no surprise to those who have seen my work and discussed tuition with me that my workshops are called ‘Discovered Landscapes’. How will the course be structured? 

...From the many questions and chats I’ve had with visitors to my stands, the most common frustrations are getting out of auto mode, exposure problems, and just not being able to see interesting compositions. Whether you’re struggling with these problems or just not getting the best out of your DSLR camera and would like to spend a few hours in a nearby location learning more, my 'Discovered Landscapes' workshop could be the answer.

The rough outline will be this: you tell me in advance what particular aspects you’re struggling with; we meet up for around four hours* and I’ll help you overcome your barriers while we seek out those elusive ‘Discovered Landscapes’. I'm happy to run sessions on a one-to-one basis, or maybe you'd prefer to bring a friend or two with you. The price will be £80, per session.


My first class was with a couple of experienced (30 years) photographers who wanted to understand, in more detail, digital photography. I designed the tuition to meet their specific wishes. Here's what they said:

"Barry spent time thinking about what we really need to develop our photography skills and then provided a good tutorial about principles and equipment before going outside and pointing out opportunities for interesting and arresting photos and showing us how best to capture them.  Once we've absorbed and built on what we've learnt so far we're likely to ask Barry to help us get to the next stage.  We recommend him to other keen photographers who've been spoilt by the ease with which digital cameras enable us to take adequate photos but still hanker after doing better." Mr & Mrs N.

*The workshop could extend beyond four hours, depending on how things unfold and what we discover